So long, Cape Town!

Version 2Paragliding over Sea Point

Good bye, Cape Town! My stay comes to an end, as I fly off to Norway I am filled with thankfulness as it has been marvellous. These last weeks I have tried to paraglide, Peter has come on a visit and I have done the Two Oceans Half Marathon. It was beautiful flying over Sea Point.

Version 2Peter and I on our way up Lion´s Head

Peter and I have spent a couple of days at a cafe called Coco Sofar and a day at the beach. Unfortunately the rest of the stay Peter was sick.

Version 2The Two Oceans Half Marathon

The Two Oceans Half Marathon I therefore had to do on my own. It was however an amazing run with 16 000 participants. I also went to explore Duiker Island in Hout Bay, this I also found amazing with over 2000 seals together at a beautiful small island outside Hout Bay.IMG_16972000 seals and I

Lastly I just want to thank all the people at MusicWorks for an amazing placement, Daniel “my partner in crime” and all the new friends I have made in Cape Town like staff at MusicWorks, Nsamu and the other students from Pretoria, Candice and her friends. Thank you, I hope to be back soon!

IMG_1633The connect group from Hillsong

IMG_1608Nsamu, Gwen and I

Version 2Simba and I


Daniel and I

IMG_1303Candice and I

IMG_1449The cappuccino and I


Version 2Lion´s Head and I

Version 2Camps Bay Palms


Jazz and Endings

Then the stay has come to an end for Daniel and Mari. I am really grateful for the time we have had together. These last week has involved the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and Mari visiting from Norway. I have also gotten to know Mari´s friend Siri. We have hiked Lion´s Head, Table Mountain, visited Boulder´s Beach and we went to Khayelitsha.

Version 2

Hiking Lions Head

Version 2

Jazz on the Lawn @ St.Joseph´s College


Visiting Boulders´s beachVersion 2

Hiking Skeleton Gorge from Kirstenbosch

Version 2

Me, Siri, Mari and DanielIMG_1515

Daniel, Mark´s daughter, Mari and IIMG_1494

A painting from Church in Gugulethu

And on the Friday and Saturday I spent time at Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Here I had the pleasure to meet up with my good friend Cyril. The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the fourth largest in the world and the largest on the African continent. It was a great experience. Jordan Rakei from New Zeland was one of my favourite acts which combines R&B and soulful jazz. I also loved Trombone Shorty, Nicholas Payton and Tank and the Bangas.

Version 2

I and Cyril @ the Jazz Festival

Version 2

Me getting a haircut from a barber at the Jazz Festival



Cederberg and the Rocklands

Version 2

This weekend Daniel and I went to Cederberg, which is about a 3 hour drive from Cape Town. It was a get-away without any mobile reception with a focus on beautiful nature and stars. The area is know for excellent hiking, rock climbing and the biggest concentration of San Rock Art in South Africa. We had the pleasure of staying at Alpha Excelsior Guest Farm located at the edge of the Cederberg Wilderness. Cederberg is actually know as one of the words greatest bouldering sites, so we had to try it. with its unique rock formations.

IMG_1179Beautiful flower

Version 2Looking for bouldering rocks



Daniel bouldering


Me bouldering


We had an amazing stay at the Alpha Excelsior Guest Farm


Daniel explaining the historic facts about the san-art rock paintings


Women dancing

IMG_1155Daniel and our car.


Returning to the mother city

Old and New Friends

IMG_1036 2Me, Mr.Mark and Daniel in Khayelitsha

IMG_1149 2Me, Lutho, Thabiso and Daniel

An amazing part of being in Cape Town has been to get to know new people and to meet old friends. First out is the staff at MusicWorks, what a fascinating group of people who are empowering youth in different areas in the Cape Flats. In the picture above is Mark, a man who has taught us a lot about meeting and engaging youth. We have also been working with Lytho, Thabiso and Zuai. We have also been allowed to learn from the Community Musicians and Community Music Therapists like Carol and Sunelle.


Me, Carol, Sunelle and Daniel

Another big highlight for me has been meeting people from when I lived in Cape Town last time. This has been different people working at the schools and my two supervisors Hugo and Sayeeda. It has also been meeting Sam and Lucy, the parents of a good friend of mine. Sam was my former psychology teacher at High School.


Me and Hugo


Me, Daniel, Lucy and Sam

We have also gotten to know people outside MusicWorks. We have had the pleasure of going to concerts and dancing Salsa with Siri, Candice and Stephanie. Which has been a lot of fun. We were also invited by Candice to do a concert at a brewery in Somerset West, which was an amazing experience.


Me, Siri, Candice, Daniel and Stephanie.


Jofred- the duo

Version 2

Driving home from work

Music Therapy and Cape Town

IMG_0876.jpgDaniel and I have moved to Cape Town in the end of February to do a 4 week placement in Community Music Therapy with the organization MusicWorks. MusicWorks is a Non-Profit Organisation that uses the power of music to unlock potential in the lives of children and communities. They offer interventions for children and young people, partnering with the communities in Cape Town´s marginalised neighbourhoods.

IMG_0663.jpgRonelle, Annelet, Nasamu, Daniel, I, Kalli and Sunelle

On thursday we just finished a 10 day project together with students from the University of Pretoria where we have learnt about Community Music Therapy through interventions with educators at schools.

IMG_0868.jpgKalli, Nasamu and I

I have spent time running along Sea Point, visiting Kirstenbosch´s Summer sunset concert and hiking Lions Head.


People running along Sea Point


Summer Sunset concerts in Kirstenbosch with Nsamu

IMG_0679.jpgHiking Lions Head

Thank you, Cape Town!

Then my stay in Cape Town comes to an end, and I am very thankful for these 5 months down under together with Yasmin, Vlora, Stine, Henrik, Bjørn, Maria, Martine, Atla and Kristiane. Leaving Cape Town is bitter-sweet in that I am looking forward to seeing family but that it is also painful leaving behind people I have gotten to know and the places that are familiar.

We have had so many great cappuccinos at a lot of different Cafe´s. Skinny legs, Dinkel Bakery, Yours truly, Power and glory ++ This has been really nice, especially just after work. Lately as the water has gotten warmer it has also been fabulous going straight to the beach after work, visiting Clifton and Camps Bay.

We have also made local friends: Kim and Hilton working as secretaries at at some of the schools we have worked at. David, Justin and Lauren which are cousins of a good friend of mine in Norway. Simba and Tandi which we met some of the first days in the country. Yoland that we met at a cafe, and has introduced us to all the great salsa events. Through the connect group in the Hillsong Church Maria and I have also made a lot of good friends, which really has meant a lot. However work has also been hectic, just recently right before Christmas there was a shooting and killing right by one of the school we worked at, as a result of war between gangs. This is also a part of living and working in Cape Town, something that effects both learners, teachers and  us as therapists.

So when flying out of Cape Town I do somehow feel changed from when I flew down. My perspectives has somehow shifted, opening both my eyes and heart to another country and people, I hope to be back sometime in the future!


We had multiple journeys up and down Lions head. The last weeks I went up every morning.


Wild flowers on the way to Table Mountain


Our supervisor Hugo


Kim in the sunsetimg_9630

Me, Simba, Maria, Tandi and Atla


Our great supervisor Sayeeda


Playing the Cape Town song at Connect


Cecil, Johanna, Hilda, Sonja, Me, Maria and Claire


Me, Ms. Parker and Yasmin


Mrs. Kalifa, Ms. Gaffor, Yasmin and Celist


One of our many cafe visits



Yasmin, Vlora, Kristiane, Stine, Martine, Me, Bjørn og Maria

The Historic Cape Town

One of the reasons that I wanted to move to Cape Town was that I have always been fascinated by Nelson Mandela and interested in the history of South Africa. The history of a nation always functions as a backdrop to understanding the here and now and it is therefore important also for our internships here. In the start of our stay we visited the Robben Island Museum, District Six Museum and the Bo-Kaap .

Robben Island is located about 15 km from Sea Point and Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here for 18 of the 27 years he served. Robben is Afrikans and means seal, so the name means ” Seal Island.” It is in the hallways of Robben Island that the South African democracy was born, which makes it a special place to visit. To date, three of the former inmates of Robben Island have gone on to become President of South Africa: Nelson Mandela, Kgalema Motlanthe, and current President Jacob Zuma.

During apartheid many areas in the city were forcefully removed and declared White-Only areas and one of these areas where District Six. District Six is a former inner-city residential area in Cape Town, South Africa. Over 60,000 of its inhabitants were forcibly removed during the 1970s by the apartheid regime. The the District Six Museum opened in 1994 came into being. It serves as a remembrance to the events of the apartheid era as well as the culture and history of the area before the removals.

The Bo-Kaap is an area of Cape Town, South Africa formerly known as the Malay Quarter. It is a former township, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre and is an historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town. The Nurul Islam Mosque, established in 1844, is located in the area. Jan Van Riebeeck ( 1619-1667) was a dutch administrator and colonizer and his hedge is located in the Kirstenbosch Gardens and is know to be the start of apartheid.


Robben Island with Table Mountain in the backgroundimg_5647

On the way back from the island


Our guide at Robben Island – a former political prisoner


Bjørn, Henrik, Maria, Kristiane, Martine, Stine, our guide, Vlora, Yasmin and meimg_5597

A cell at Robben Island


Vlora, Yasmin, Stine, Maria, Kristiane and I in Bo-Kaapimg_5850

The District Six Museum


The hedgeimg_6004

Maria in Kirstenbosch