Working in Cape Town

Stine, Yasmin, Maria and I are all working at the TygerBear Foundation which is located on the premises of the Tygerberg hospital. The mission of TygerBear is to offer an integrated psychosocial service for traumatised children and families, and is the only unit of its kind in South Africa. The TygerBear foundation also works with education and training as well as promoting awareness of children´s rights, needs and responsibilities. The children we serve have been traumatised by sexual, physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse and violence in families and communities. It is quite challenging for us, but we are also learning a lot. It is very helpful to have two great supervisors Sayeeda and Hugo.

Maria and Stine work at the TygerBear clinic as well as two primary schools, while Yasmin and I work at two secondary schools as well as one primary school. I enjoy the vibe out at the schools as one both meets learners and teachers.


Stine, Sayeeda, Maria, Yasmin and me.img_5924

View from the Tygerberg hospital ( Table Mountain and Lions Head in the horizon)img_5427

The atmosphere at one of the schools.img_5424


Sunrise at workimg_6190

Me, Tygerbear logo and Maria


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