Safari – Kruger National Park

Maria and I have had the pleasure of spending the last week in Kruger National Park (KNP) in the northern part of South Africa. The Kruger national park is the largest and most famous wildlife reserve in Southern Africa with a huge diversity of wildlife and plant species. The park covers almost 2 million hectar of terrain. It has 147 species of mammals and 517 birds.

It has been an amazing trip where we spent three days driving around in the park with our guide Lynne and we spent 3 days doing the Bushman wilderness trail with our guides and park rangers Oris and Obi. We further had an elephant encounter in Hazyview and did a sunset drive one night from the Phabeni gate ( we saw 4 leopards).

The Bushman wilderness trail is situated in the south western corner of KNP. Here we had deep quiet valleys and the possibility of getting close to rhino and elephant. We started walking at 06:00 in the morning and the two rangers walked in front with rifles and we followed. The tour also involved seeing the Bushman paintings. We would definitely recommend both driving and doing a wilderness trail!




Riding an elephant at the elephant encounterimg_7701

Elephant eyeimg_7514


Out walking in the Bush 🙂img_7434

Maria and Lynne planning our route


Lunch with Lynne in the parkimg_7059

Giraffe – Latin “Giraffe camelopardalis” meaning camel and leopardimg_7044

A herd of elephants


Dawn, Wendy, Mike and Oris all being with us on the Bushman trail.


The park ranger Oris explaining to us in the bush.


Bushman paintingsimg_7201

Bushman paintings


The whole group from the wilderness trail: Cliff, me, Mike, Petra, Michelle, Wendy, Dawn and Maria


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