Running in Cape Town

These last two weeks I have done my two first half-marathons (21.2k), which have been amazing. The first run I ran in in 1 hour 56 minutes while the second run I used 1 hour and 43 minutes. The first marathon is called the Landmarks Half-Marathon and is situated in Cape Town, while the second is called the Wine Marathon and Half-Marathon in Stellenbosch, one hour outside of Cape Town. The Landmark Half-Marathon includes a challenging and scenic route past key landmarks in the Southern Suburbs, incorporating heritage sites as: Rondebosch Common, Mosterts Mill, University of Cape Town, Rhodes Memorial, Newlands Forest, Josephine Mill, Newlands Brewery, Newlands Rugby Stadium and Sahara Park. It was really a wonderful run.

The Wine Half-Marathon is a difficult and hilly route, which goes through the vineyards and strawberry fields in Stellenbosch. Both runs started around 06:o0 in the morning and the temperature was really amazing. After running the Wine Half-Marathon we spent the weekend in Stellenbosch, which is the second oldest European settlement in South Africa. Stellenbosch is part of the Cape Winelands.



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