Stars and the Sutherlands


The moon seen through a telescope

This weekend Bjørn, Henrik, Vlora, Stine, Yasmin and I travelled to the Sutherlands in the Northern Cape. The main goal of our visit was to see the observatory that houses the largest single optical telescope in the Southern Hemisphere (South African Large Telescope – SALT). It consists of a primary, hexagonal mirror 11 metres wide made up of 91 individual hexagonal mirrors, each one metre wide and weighing about 100kg.

Then the highlight of the trip turned out to be Jurg´s stargazing experience, at his privately owned and managed establishment. The show started at 20:00 and we started out viewing different stars and groups of stars. Afterwards we were treated with an indoor presentation on a three meter big screen on explaining the constellations and sizes of the universe. Jung made use of a very powerful laser to help us see the different stars, constellations and planets.


The observatory consists of many telescopes


The biggest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere


Stine inside the telescope


Eating the Karoo-Lamb


Beautiful weather


The Church in Sutherlands


Group photo


The biggest telescope


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