Thank you, Cape Town!

Then my stay in Cape Town comes to an end, and I am very thankful for these 5 months down under together with Yasmin, Vlora, Stine, Henrik, Bjørn, Maria, Martine, Atla and Kristiane. Leaving Cape Town is bitter-sweet in that I am looking forward to seeing family but that it is also painful leaving behind people I have gotten to know and the places that are familiar.

We have had so many great cappuccinos at a lot of different Cafe´s. Skinny legs, Dinkel Bakery, Yours truly, Power and glory ++ This has been really nice, especially just after work. Lately as the water has gotten warmer it has also been fabulous going straight to the beach after work, visiting Clifton and Camps Bay.

We have also made local friends: Kim and Hilton working as secretaries at at some of the schools we have worked at. David, Justin and Lauren which are cousins of a good friend of mine in Norway. Simba and Tandi which we met some of the first days in the country. Yoland that we met at a cafe, and has introduced us to all the great salsa events. Through the connect group in the Hillsong Church Maria and I have also made a lot of good friends, which really has meant a lot. However work has also been hectic, just recently right before Christmas there was a shooting and killing right by one of the school we worked at, as a result of war between gangs. This is also a part of living and working in Cape Town, something that effects both learners, teachers and  us as therapists.

So when flying out of Cape Town I do somehow feel changed from when I flew down. My perspectives has somehow shifted, opening both my eyes and heart to another country and people, I hope to be back sometime in the future!


We had multiple journeys up and down Lions head. The last weeks I went up every morning.


Wild flowers on the way to Table Mountain


Our supervisor Hugo


Kim in the sunsetimg_9630

Me, Simba, Maria, Tandi and Atla


Our great supervisor Sayeeda


Playing the Cape Town song at Connect


Cecil, Johanna, Hilda, Sonja, Me, Maria and Claire


Me, Ms. Parker and Yasmin


Mrs. Kalifa, Ms. Gaffor, Yasmin and Celist


One of our many cafe visits



Yasmin, Vlora, Kristiane, Stine, Martine, Me, Bjørn og Maria


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